Webdesign Tutorial - Chapter 1: Preparations

Unlike my previous tutorials on XHTML and CSS, that deal with the technical aspects of how to write XHTML and CSS code respectively, this webdesigning tutorial will deal with how to tie them together and design a working web site template.

In order to make full use of this tutorial you will need to know the basics, things like:

  • Being able to work with text files in a text editor
  • Knowing how to view the pages you create in a web browser
  • Knowing how to work with graphics
  • Reading and writing basic XHTML
  • Reading and writing basic CSS

If you don't already know XHTML and/or CSS, I recommend you follow the links on the top of the page and go through those tutorials first. If you feel comfortable enough with web code in general, click the link at your bottom right corner and we'll get started with building ourselves a web site!

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