XHTML Tutorial - Chapter 1: Preparations

There are just a couple of things you will need to be able to do before you get started with learning HTML, but I thought they deserved a page of their own. These things are, essentially:

1. Being able to work with text files

An HTML document is always a "text file", meaning it contains purely the text that you type into it, with no additional codes for formatting like font sizes or colors (well, except for those stated with HTML code of course). For this reason, most word processors like Microsoft Word are out, and you need to instead use a simpler editor, like Notepad if using Windows.

2. Being able to view the finished result

This part should be fairly easy, because if you're reading this you've obviously got your hands on some kind of web browser already. When you start building simple HTML pages of your own, all you need to do to view them is to open them up into your browser.

Unless you want other people to also be able to see your page, or wanting to use more advanced server side programming such as ASP or PHP, there is no need to actually upload your pages to a web server at this point.

3. Being able to work with graphics

No, you don't need to be an expert artist to build web pages, you don't even have to be able to draw anything at all yourself. But, since some exercises will require an image file, either as a background or standalone picture, it is still important that you know how to "get them" whether you download them from the web or create them yourself.

Do you feel that you've got the hang of all of the above? Then you're ready to start this tutorial. Click the link on your bottom right and let's get going! :o)

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