Robert Cederholm, webdesigner


My name is Robert Cederholm and I am the one running the company EagleOwl. I've been into graphic form and design since way back in school where I was known as "that guy who can draw". I've been doodling and illustrating just about as far back as I can remember, and I also play around with other creative outlets like photography and oil painting.

My big strength and passion however, is computer based graphic design. I first started fiddling around with computer graphics on my very first computer, a Commodore 64, in the mid-80's and I also started getting into some basic programming on the same computer at the same time. When I eventually traded in my fourth C64 for an Amiga 500 I had developed quite a lot of little games and programs, that I had also done the graphics for.

These weren't any "big bestsellers" of course, but they worked, and left me with a taste for more. They laid the foundation for the knowledge I possess today. I soon started getting into some more serious projects, developing many little word processors, graphics editors and games along the way.
Around this time I also worked a lot with artificial intelligence.

Today, I have pretty much left software development behind for good, and the only programming I do now is on the web. I find the web much more appealing due to the immediate accessibility web pages have compared to traditional software and I also like the fact that, as a site owner, you can communicate directly with your visitors, have them participate in things, and get instant feedback.

I do of course benefit greatly in my everyday work from my 25+ years experience in programming and computer graphics, and with the firm foundation I stand on I practically never run into a problem I cannot find a solution for. I work fast and cost-efficient since, almost no matter what the task at hand is, I've usually been there and done that before - or at least something very similar.

When not on the computer I thoroughly enjoy the great outdoors and things like wilderness survival, and spend a great deal of my time in the "wild", or what's left of it anyway. I try to find time to do a little snowboarding in the winter, and am often seen on a mountainbike in the summer.

Anything else you might want to know about my background or me as a person, feel free to just drop me an e-mail :o)     +46 (0)26-16 13 61
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